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Blended Learning at INTI

Video Blended Learning MCO.mp4

Blended Learning at INTI

Getting Started


Getting Started on Blackboard (for New Students)

PDF version -
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John is a student at INTI University.mp4

John is a student at INTI

How To Make Submissions_forStudents.mp4

How to Make Submissions on Blackboard

Submitting Written Work for Assessments_forStudents.mp4

Submitting Written Work for Assessments on Blackboard (using CamScanner app)

Blackboard Collaborate ultra


How To Use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for
Virtual Class

Submitting Video Assignments

You can upload your video to Cloud Storage (e.g. Google Drive) or YouTube and share the URL link in your submission on Blackboard.

Mobile App


Blackboard App for Students


12 Tips to Enrich Your Online Learning Experience